Creative Direction - Choccywoccydoodah TV Show

We were commissioned by production company TwoFour, to design the title sequence for new TV show Choccywoccydoodah as featured on UKTV from 2011. The show was a fly-on-the-wall look at life at the chocolatiers. The first episode was the highest rated premiere on the channel for two years.

A great project for us to land, as we live in Brighton, the same town as this World renowned chocolatiers. We’ve been producing title sequences for this brand for numerous series now for various seasons and eventually a new slant on the show – ‘Choccywoccydoodah Starstruck’.

We presented a proposal for both the production company and the client to consider, by means of a storyboard. A yes from both parties, was the green light for me to develop the proposed treatment for the upcoming show.

We were given plenty of references to work to, and it was a joy to begin creating an animated sequence that introduced this extraordinary collective of people and cakes! The treatment I proposed was to have various elements coming to life as the camera scrolled along a continuously growing line. This project was great fun to work on for me, as it involved creative freedom any creative animator loves. We had to work out not only the look and feel of the title sequence, but then the logistics of what featured in the animation, and how the elements fell into place resulting in the title end board, featuring key members of the team and cast. This involved illustrating and animating numerous quirky elements such as swinging monkies, spinning ferris wheels and helter skelters!