Big Bridge Media is a creative Video Agency with vast experience in creating business video content for brands local and global. Our approach enables any business, big or small, without an online video presence, to showcase their services to a much wider audience online and offline.

We pride ourselves on taking an existing, established brand and translating that into a televisual showcase of services and products. We take our clients' words, images and footage and produce a business video that meets the expectations worthy of the business itself, and then enhances it.

We can cover short, product based promos through to lengthier introductory videos outlining a business vision and services. By leading the project creative we handle all aspects of the video. This could involve motion graphics, video editing, music and other audio elements such as voice over.

Clients would only have to tell us about what they know best - their business! With vast amount of years experience working in the Broadcast industry, our ethos has great standing in terms of quality and creativity. A creativity that has dealt with a great range of marketing briefs, from retail image only promos, to originated, illustrated animations. We have worked in all sectors including retail, entertainment, finance, lifestyle, industry and sport.


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