Logo Design for Freelance Igniter

We were approached by a friend and associate to design a logo for a new venture she was launching in 2015. She is a successful Virtual Assistant and has a great following online, so we were honoured to have been asked to look at this for her. She gave us a synopsis of what the new business was about, and how she saw it fitting into the marketplace.

As with any logo design brief, we gave her an initial thoughts PDF, showing various ideas and directions for the proposed logo.

Freelance Igniter logo design optionsThis will have various font ideas, and icons that we’ve originated for the brand. If the client likes any of the initial ideas, we then take those ideas and further develop the shape of the logo and colours to suit the brand. This process usually goes back and forth with the client until the client is happy with the details of the logo. In this case, the client loved the idea of the icon person within the flame icon.

Final tweaks were made to the logo, so we ironed out any lingering issues the client had, colour hues, shape of icons etc. In this instance she thought the ident looked stronger in black, with the red/orange hues for the icon within the logo. We also go over the design and make sure all aspects of the logo are correct. Shapes of lines for instance, making sure the curves and shapes look ideal.

The client was very happy and excited with her new brand and went on to implement it to her marketing campaigns.

A logo is a key part of any business, existing or a startup. You’ve got to be happy with your brand, as you’ll be living with it, and endorsing it yourself! When you work with a creative to design a logo, you must work alongside them, airing your thoughts all the way through the process, and you’ll get what you want.