Branding - CTRL Freaks

We worked with London production company Nerd to design the brand and title sequence for new TV show CTRL Freaks.

This was featured on London TV throughout 2014.

The new show concept involved three comedians who hijack the social media lives of Londoners, setting them insane challenges which they must pull off without revealing their lives have been hacked.


Our first task was to create a fresh brand for the show. We submitted various treatments to the production company to gauge their thoughts and await feedback.

After client feedback and a steer towards a favoured look, we then developed the brand along those thoughts. Again, numerous rounds of back and forth feedback until the client felt happy with the direction.

The company liked the social media aspect of my designs to come through, so we further developed those ideas. Our idea was to create a brand that was closely linked to today’s social media platforms in terms of look and tone.

After creating the brand, we then progressed with the ident for the show. This involved bringing the brand to life in a 5 second show opener. Using audio and effects to create the correct tone for the show.
Follow this link to see the show's title sequence.
Following on from this were various branded programme graphics to support each episode of the show. This ranged from emulating Facebook postings through to visual text messages and tweets for on screen displays during certain points in the show.

We really enjoy this kind of branding for television - originating ideas that will end up in households across the country. It’s also great to work with creatives and see the branding pulled together in a TV show format. We delivered various animations that were then placed into the show edits for transmission across London.